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Wedding Dance

Looking for a platform to showcase your talent?
Performance class provide you a platform to perform on stage out of the studio. 
(Class available for children and adult)
Our fun-filled, caring and creative Ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus from age 3 and above 
taught by qualified and experienced teachers.
We personalise your wedding by offering you a customised dance to starts your wedding reception, a memorable first dance to impress your friends & family, as well as performances on stage during reception. 

2016 The Nutcracker Showcase


Too much screen time? Let’s get up and dance!

If you have little kids, you might be wondering where to best channel the boundless energy of
your kids at this young age. While as the sports camp would seem as a great way to get your
little ones physically active, they might not be right for your younger kids.  Dance class is the
best alternative of sports for your kids as kids of ages 2.5 to 12 years can benefit greatly from
dance classes.

Raising a child in the Tech era is a challenge to many parents. Excessive screen time can harm
your child in ways you would not even have imagined.
Studies have shown that too much screen time can:

- Make it hard for you little one to sleep peacefully at night
- Cause depression, anxiety and concentration problems
- Cause your child to become lazy and physically less active
- Harm your child’s mental health
- Damage the useful brain cells

As technology advancement is mushrooming, it is impossible to completely shield your child
from using digital gadgets, however children at this young age should not have too much screen
time. To avoid addiction or iTantrums; instead, parents should make the children opt for
something that can positively channel all of their energies into it and make them physically
and mentally healthy and strong such as dancing! Dancing can not only help your child grow the
right way but also avoid any problems that most kids face these days due to too much screen time.

Danze Designer Studio in Hartamas offers dance classes for your little ones within the ages of two to twelve with a team of highly nurturing and talented teachers. Our studio is a magnificent place to send your little ones to learn to dance and stay healthy. We strive to constantly upgrade our studio and improve our faculty members in order to bring you and your kids the best experience possible here at our studio in Hartamas. Our dance classes aids in children development mentally as well as physically. Check out the following dance benefits for your children below:

Dance Classes Promote Fitness:
No matter what kind of dance it is, your child will be moving around and will get the necessary exercise he or she needs each day to stay fit and healthy. Studies have shown that a thirty minute workout session is crucial for your children healthy development. Therefore the classes at our studio are exactly what your child needs to stay fit!
Build Self-Esteem
The teachers here at Danze Designer Studio will help promote smiling, expression and confidence in your kids from a very young age so that as your child grows up they can easily express themselves and learn to respect themselves in a way that pleases them.
Dance classes can help improve your child’s communication and social skills. In our normal dance class, your children will be asked to cooperate and communicate as a group or pairs. If your little one is shy, we can help them open up and make some new good friends and reduce any fears a child may possess at this young age.
Educational benefits
Becoming a good dancer requires focus, discipline and practice, Research has shown that dance lessons can spar creativity in your young ones and develop appreciation for arts in them. As they grow up, tour children will tend to perform academically better than others.

Remember dance is not just for girls. All of these dance benefits apply to both girls and boys at our studio. Danze designer will make it easy for you to find a class for your child loves and that fits your busy routine.
So is your child ready to get up and dance? Because we sure are! Get your child enrolled with us in our fun-filled class today, just visit our studio or contact us on our site and you will see just why our studio and dance classes are better than any other dance studio in Hartamas!
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